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Jurgen Heytens founded Faja Lobi in May 2007, but shortly afterwards lost his heart to the town of Idiofa in Congo. In 2012 he bought several hectares of arid land with his own resources to set up his reforestation project. His dream has taken off and Jurgen now mainly resides in Idiofa.


The project is supported from Belgium by the volunteers of Faja Lobi vzw.


The profit that Faja Lobi bv makes as a restaurant, café, holiday accommodation and B&B is -as determined in our statutes- largely invested in this socio-ecological project.


You can also support yourself by making a deposit into the account of Faja Lobi vzw: BE18 3631 2514 2265

or via the King Baudouin Foundation on BE10 0000 0000 0404 with structured communication 016/1810/00032 for tax deductions.

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